How late is Chipotle Open? Today, On Easter and Memorial day

When you are in the mood for Mexican food, Chipotle is a popular choice. A common question people ask is, “How late is Chipotle open?” This question is important for late lunches and planning around different schedules and special days. Knowing when Chipotle is open is especially helpful during holidays like Easter and Memorial Day. Whether you want a quick meal after a long day or are planning a celebration with friends and family, knowing Chipotle’s hours can help make sure your plans go smoothly.

How late is Chipotle Open?

This Chipotle usually closes at 10 PM, but this can change depending on the location. To make sure you don’t miss out, check the exact hours for the Chipotle near you. You can do this by using their online store locator or a quick internet search. These tools give you the latest information on each restaurant’s hours, so you can plan your visit confidently.

Today’s Hours

Most Chipotle locations are open from 10:45 AM to 10:00 PM. These hours work well for people who want lunch or dinner, even late at night. The consistent schedule helps Chipotle be known as a reliable place for fresh, customizable meals. Whether you want a burrito, a bowl, or some tacos, you can count on Chipotle to serve fresh ingredients every day.

On Easter and Memorial day

Easter is a time for family and celebration, so Chipotle usually closes on Easter Sunday to let employees spend time with their loved ones. However, you should check the hours for your local Chipotle because there may be exceptions.

On Memorial Day, a day for remembering and community gatherings, Chipotle stays open to make your celebrations better. Most locations follow their regular hours of 10:45 AM to 10:00 PM, so you can enjoy your favorite meals at any time during Memorial Day.


Chipotle has reliable hours, so you can enjoy your favorite Mexican dishes almost every day. Whether it’s a regular day, Easter, or Memorial Day, you can check their hours on their website or app for the latest updates. Enjoy the convenience and quality that Chipotle always provides.

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