Dairy Queen Hours: When does Close, Open

The Dairy Queen Hours are set up to satisfy your cravings. Many stores stay open longer on weekends and during the summer, so you can always get your favorite ice cream treat. It’s about the happy moments and memories you make with each visit. You can stop by Dairy Queen spontaneously on a warm summer night. You can also plan a trip with friends and family. Either way, Dairy Queen is the perfect place for fun. Use the store locator to find the nearest Dairy Queen and enjoy a well timed visit filled with sweet treats and happiness.

What Are Dairy Queen’s Typical Operating Hours?

Most Dairy Queen locations follow a schedule that fits when customers want their treats the most. Usually, Dairy Queen hours at 11:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM, giving you plenty of time to enjoy their ice cream. However, hours can change depending on the day and location.

Some stores stay open longer on weekends or during the summer to meet the higher demand.  Check your local Dairy Queen’s hours to plan your visit.

Open Hours Close Hours
11:00 AM 10:00 PM

Weekend Hours

Weekends are special at Dairy Queen. Knowing that families and friends have more time for outings, many DQ stores stay open longer. On Fridays and Saturdays, it’s common for locations to close at 11:00 PM. This gives you an extra hour to enjoy dessert after a movie or dinner. This additional time makes weekend visits to Dairy Queen even better.

Seasonal Variations: Summertime Bliss

Dairy Queen knows ice cream is even more tempting in the summer. To meet this demand, many locations stay open later during the warmer months. In July and August, it’s common for DQ to stay open until 11:00 PM every day, giving you more time to enjoy their tasty treats.

Holiday Hours

On holidays like the Fourth of July and Labor Day, Dairy Queen keeps most stores open to be part of your celebrations. But on Thanksgiving and Christmas, hours might be shorter. To be sure, check with your local DQ for the exact hours on holidays to make sure your plans go smoothly.

How to Find Your Nearest Dairy Queen’s Hours

To find out when your local Dairy Queen is open, use the DQ Locator on their official website. Enter your zip code to see hours, contact info, and any special schedules.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen carefully plans its operating hours to ensure you can satisfy your ice cream cravings nearly any time. They extend their hours on weekends and summer evenings, making your local DQ the perfect place to enjoy sweet moments.

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